New for 2022

West Sussex Best Quality Chuck Mince
Our Yellowfin Sushi Grade Tuna is £12 per kg cheaper than leading supermarkets

Better value

"The best salmon on the market"

Our Salmon has been swimming around eating all the right things and so it's full of good nutrients

Tom the Fish Delivers Premium Quality & Responsibly-Sourced Blast-Frozen Fish, Meat and Seafood

Our unique service

Bigger Packs

Our food comes in larger volume, flexible bags.

✓ A great way to get stocked up

✓ Fits in tricky freezer space

✓ Higher quality produce for less

✓ Avoid the supermarket stress


Our food is blast-frozen at point of origin by experts.

✓ Rich, fuller flavour

✓ Fresher than supermarket food

✓ Packed full of beneficial nutrients

✓ Stores and stays fresh for longer


We're proud our business is part of the local community.

✓ We're local and approachable

✓ We deliver hygienically

✓ We care about the environment

✓ We're dependable