Luxury Fishcakes

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We supply three different flavours of Fishcake, and they are all top quality. Quick and easy too, just bake from frozen!

Our most popular Fishcakes box is our mixed one. Smoked Cod Crispy Bacon & Brie, and Smoked Haddock Mozzarella & Spring Onion. You get ten of each flavour in the box. They are much tastier than any other in the supermarkets, and they beat the Fishcakes you'll get from the chippy hands down! They come as two bags in the box, so they very easily bunch up and fit in the small gaps in your freezer. We have some customers who have being buying just these Fishcakes regularly for over four years now. Oh, and Tom's kids love them! In fact he weaned his eldest son Isaac on them from 7 months old.


Bake from frozen - 20/30 mins 220 degrees

We also supply Salmon Shanties (as pictured here). These are 60% Salmon and contain no potato. They are what we describe as a "Fishman's Fishcake". They are extremely filling, so one of these is plenty for a healthy adult sized portion.

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