Giant Cod Fish Fingers (MSC Certified)

Giant Cod Fish Fingers (MSC Certified)

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28 x 70-75g pieces

Choose Breaded or Battered - or both!

We have been amazed by the popularity of this product. You'll understand though when you try them. Two is plenty for an adult. They are 60% Sustainable Cod Fillet, and all the rest is good stuff. They come in a bag which weighs up to 3kg - "My goodness, that's a lot of Fishfingers" I hear you say. However, our regulars seem to purchase a box every couple of months. 

If you can't decide between breaded or battered (they're both excellent), why not take a mixed pack - 14 pieces of each?

Oh, and don't think this is just a product for kids. Whilst kids absolutely love them, we have some retired customers who live on their own and have these regularly.

"Mmmm, Fish finger sandwich!"

Contains WHEAT (Battered also contain mustard & milk)

Bake from frozen - 20 mins 220-230 degrees (200 fan or gas mark 8)

To air fry, reduce the temperature and cook for the same length of time.

Grill from frozen - 10 mins until golden brown, turning occasionally during grilling.

We also supply some lovely Cod Goujons.

Typical nutritional values per 100g:

Giant Cod Fish Fingers (Breaded)

Energy – 871KJ / 207kcal
Fat – 7.5g
Of which saturates – 0.6g
Carbohydrates – 21.6g
Of which sugars – 0.1g
Protein – 12.8g
Salt – 0.6g
Fibre – 0.9g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrew Bushe
Best fish fingers.

Thank you Tom for dropping by. I bought frozen fish fingers which are large, tasty and as normal , quick to cook.

Anne Iredale
The ultimate fish fingers

I have always loved fish fingers, my go to comfort food and always the supermarket ones! But, Oh these fish fingers take my taste buds to a new level, but to get a second opinion I have eight grandchildren who did a taste test for me! Thumbs up all the way round, yummiest ever was the verdict and not a single crumb was left on their plates😁


Great quality fish

Nicole Wackerle

Hard to decide what I like most but as it is a very convenient product too I go for Tom's FISH FINGERS! we simply can't eat any of the ones from the supermarkets anymore since we tried those.

Deleted user


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