Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails

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8 x 7-8oz pieces

Our wild caught, raw Homarus "A Grade" Rock Lobster Tails are the very best! From the Atlantic coast of North America, these taste exactly like what they are: straight out of the sea! No sulphites added or any of that stuff you get in the supermarkets. They are tried, tested, and the best by far!

We have some customers who purchase the Lobster Tails every time - they really are a wonderful treat. Whilst we don't supply whole lobsters, we really would recommend you try these Lobster Tails. You're getting all the decent meat with these anyway, and they look absolutely fantastic on the plate.

There aren't many places where you can get decent lobster delivered UK based. If you'd like to buy lobster or find lobster tails for sale you may find you have some issues. Even if you type "where to buy lobster tails near me" into google. You most certainly won't find decent lobster UK supermarket sourced. Here at Tom the Fish you will be astounded at the quality and customer service we provide you to get your lobster tails to you in the most convenient way possible for all your needs.

The majority of our customers who like our lobster tails also love our huge raw Madagascan Crevettes.

Also, do you like Surf & Turf?

Typical nutritional values per 100g:

Energy - 380KJ / 91kcal
Fat - 1.9g
Of which saturates - 0.25g
Carbohydrates - 0.5g
Of which sugars - 0g
Protein - 16.8g
Salt - 0.5g

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Customer Reviews

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First time I have ever cooked lobster tails. Grilled with garlic butter and served as surf and turf with your fillet steak. A massive hit. Thought had over catered and every morsel went. Fantastic


Got these for the first time recently, never cooked lobster before, but tried them two ways, basically plenty of butter and garlic, dead easy and damned tasty! Pinchy would have wanted it this way... ;)

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