Histamine Intolerance & Low Histamine Information


Recently we heard from our first histamine intolerant customer, and we are very grateful to her for coming to us and helping us to develop this side of our business so we can help others. We have since had more people contact us for fish that is frozen as quickly as possible for a low histamine diet.

Histamine has affected many lives, and is affecting more and more people in recent times. There seems to be a lack of awareness, but slowly and surely more help & advice is becoming available. Whilst perhaps taking an “anti histamine” tablet for a histamine reaction is enough for many people, for people with a severe INTOLERANCE this simply isn’t effective, symptoms can be much worse.

We are hoping to develop this side of our business further. So if you have more information which can help us please get in touch!


Note: Wild Salmon is mostly frozen in 2-3 days and has had reactions. Wild salmon is not recommended for sushi either as there is no way to know what the fish have been feeding on ( Wild salmon can feed on other fish that have bacteria & cause reactions)


Everyone is different, some people have many different allergies at once, people react differently to others so we can’t guarantee people won’t have reactions. We can only go of the information we have had back from customers. We keep the information up to date & ask customers to let us know how they get on.


We currently only deliver beyond Sussex, Surrey, South West Kent or South West London IF it is for a large order. The further you are from us, the larger the order will need to be. So if you are not in our delivery area (Sussex, Surrey, SW London, SW Kent) please contact us before placing your order to discuss. For everyone else, delivery costs £3.50 no matter how much you order from us. You can save this money and come and pick up from our premises in Billingshurst at an agreeable time.


For fish that is skinless (or thick) you can cook from frozen, so there is no defrosting required. For SALMON, COD, HADDOCK AND HAKE – oven bake in a loose foil parcel (loose but crimped tight so the steam can’t escape) at 180c / 190c for 25 mins until cooked through. It’s quick and easy and it steams the fish so keeps very moist indeed. You can add a little butter and herbs to the foil if you can tolerate that / seasoning too. The hake needs 5 minutes less. All ovens vary so just check the fish is cooked in the centre and you may need to add / reduce by a few minutes depending on your own oven.


PORTABLE FREEZER: Here are some recommended travel / portable freezers that really help if you are travelling in the UK. They can be plugged in or battery powered ( best us powered by the car battery). They can last up to 8 hours with the battery and then can be plugged in on arrival at your hotel / cottage / caravan etc. The best two seem to be as follows:

Makita Screwfix https://www.screwfix.com/p/makita-dcw180z-20ltr-cooler-warmer-box-bare/554XR?tc=UA8&ds_kid=92700055256569560&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0oyYBhDGARIsAMZEuMsSwjTA0Pf8C_Hn5XBHvBg0hAHkqKDOmEosukbMWxEJfFVNJm-Ny7gaAjHxEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds#product_additional_details_container

Costaway  https://www.costway.co.uk/50l-2-in-1-dual-temperature-control-portable-freezer-with-wheels-and-handle-grey.html?ff=30&fp=5393&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0oyYBhDGARIsAMZEuMuF5gv0aD1afdH25XKu8eW2FKIQ0IH6JUC158M9hSCjswFP-RiM5asaApqJEALw_wcB




We follow the good fish guide as much as possible when sourcing our fish and seafood. The good fish guide is from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). It tells you what fishing areas have plentiful (or low stocks), giving us the most sustainable areas to fish in. There is a scale from 1 -5 (1 being the best option and 5 the worst) and it helps to show when farmed fish is a better, more sustainable option. You can see the good fish guide and the MCS website https://www.mcsuk.org/goodfishguide