Award Winning East Sussex Sausages
Award Winning East Sussex Sausages

Award Winning East Sussex Sausages

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From our local butcher and grazier in Sussex, this meat is so very good it has won awards!
Big in-house sausages (min 83g each). Many customers tell us these are the best sausages they've had in the UK! Made with fresh hog casings, once you've tasted them, you won't want to get them from anywhere else.

Plain Sausage Ingredients: Pork (77%), Water, Wheat Rusk, Salt, Spices, Preservatives, Sodium Sulphite, Flavour Enhancer, Antioxidant.

Chilli & Garlic Sausage Ingredients: Pork (85%), Wheat Rusk, Salt, Spice (Chilli), Preservatives, Garlic Powder, Stabilisers, Antioxidants, Spice Extracts

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Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Lamper
Best ever sausages

The sausages are a good size and are really tasty. They are very popular with friends and family for picnics as they taste great cold or hot. What really amazes me is the lack of fat in the grill pan after cooking them. I highly recommend them.

Linda Hayler
Toms sausages

a lovely plump and juicy sausage which was a joy to eat!!

Delicious & superb quality!

My family love these sausages. I am not allowed to buy them from anywhere else anymore!. They are deliciously tasty and surprisingly lean when you cook them. Sausage and mash has never tasted so good.

Christine Tebbutt

I bought these recently and they are absolutely fantastic. Really lovely flavour, no shrinkage when cooked and no 'nasties' seeping from them in the pan! Highly recommend.

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